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Heroin addiction drug – Bayer’s heroic wonder cure

German heroic miracle painkiller cure for pneumonia, tuberculosis from Wright, English heroic

Heroin was made a popular addiction drug by Bayer Pharmaceutical Products, the German firm that synthesized the drug and marketed it as a miracle painkiller and a wonder cure for pneumonia and tuberculosis in 1897 when these illnesses still had a high death toll on human population.

Invented in 1874 by C.R. Wright, an English chemist, heroin as drug was tested on workers at Bayer’s where it was claimed that it made people feel heroic. Hence they gave it the trade name ‘heroin‘, and marketed it as a substitute for morphine and codeine.

Surprisingly enough, professional medical journals all accepted and helped propagate the huge scheme across Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. Thanks to some alert medical doctors, the American Medical Association declared heroin to be a habit-forming and therefore an addictive drug in 1906, paving the way for its prohibition by US law in 1924.

Despite that law, Bayer continued to make huge profit from heroin as other manufacturers pitched in to supply the world. Meanwhile, Bayer brought another so-called miracle drug – aspirin into the market.


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Adolf Hitler – the Wolff, Der Fuehrer

chancellor black-eyed, dark haired Austrian Nazi

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) – alias the Wolff, Der Fuehrer was the high-school dropout who sought world power and abused it on a huge scale, and became German chancellor through political manoeuvres. Hitler – the Fuhrer of the Nazis had many ironies. Black-eyed and dark haired himself, he passionately declared blue eyes and blond hair to be the evidence of a superior race that had to be preserved by destroying all other races.

Born of Austrian parents in Braunau, Austria, he dominated Germany’s politics from World War I until the end of World War II as sole dictator feared and respected by his indoctrinated followers. He is even still revered by so-called Neo-Nazi‘s today 70 years after his cowardly death.

Mentally power-deranged, with hatred for Jews, Gypsies and anyone of coloured race, Hitler had 11 million people murdered in every most horrible manner imaginable, caused World War II that killed over 50 million people, while he lived in extreme luxury in a beautiful forest mountain. All his devastating work was made possible by other world leaders who were too naive or grossly under-estimated his despotism.


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Concentration camps – reconcentration

Spanish Cuba, British Boer War, Nazi

Concentration camps are notoriously associated with the German Nazis, but were in fact first used in modern times by Spanish troops in Cuba in 1895, who called the idea reconcentration – to concentrate civilians in a place so as to control them tightly. When the British applied the technique to control Afrikaner families (Boer women and children) and Africans during the Second Boer War 1899-1902 in South Africa by camping them in more than a hundred tent camps. The Nazi’s only refined the idea in even more cruel ways, gassing and killing millions of victims in the Second World War.


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Fraud in product packaging

sand as anti-radiation for mobile phones - abuse of science

Fraud is often behind fanciful product packaging, not just ordinary commercial marketing. A good example of such fraud is a box of ordinary sand covered inshimmering hologram paper,  with a simple lamp attached to it and sold for €800 a piece by a German company that deceptively claims that it has anti-radiation effect that neutralises health danger from the electromagnetic waves given off by mobile phones. In reality, nobody has a scientific cure for such radiation from mobile phones and their network of antennas.  This fraud is an abuse of science.


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